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Andretta Pottery

Andretta Pottery is run by Mansimran "Mini" Singh, son of famous potter Gurcharan Singh. Andretta Pottery and Craft Society was started in 1983 and is situated between the old Shuahk hills and the towering range of the Dhauladhar Mountains in the Himalayas. As well as being a production studio pottery making attractively designed earthen slipware; it also provides 3 months' courses for aspiring potters. These courses include accommodation, food and tuition. The cost is around Rs. 48,000. Panchrukhi (paanch(five)-rukhi(trees)), as name suggest had five big trees, is the main town and used to have lot of hustle and bustle. Area around Panchrukhi and Andretta, also has small Katoch village and is always cherished with its wonderful ice tea. The beautiful small fish pond also known as machhyal is another stoppage to feed fish and a bath in small natural water pond (bouri).

In the early 1980's there were still 120 out of nearly 270 potter families still existing in this area. Mansimran and Mary Singh were anxious to get them interested in pottery to suit modern day demands in an effort to stop the youngsters from leaving to look for jobs elsewhere.

Distance from the resort 24 Kms